What’s Up With White Arrows?

White Arrows made a splash back in 2012 with Dry Land Is Not A Myth. Dance-able synth pop with some rock sensibilities, tracks like “Coming or Going” and “Get Gone” got the band some attention, scoring them opening gigs for acts like CultsWhite DenimThe Naked and Famous!!!and SantigoldIn 2013, Spin counted them among their 20 “Underdogs to Watch” after seeing their Coachella performance; 2014 saw their return with the release of the sexier, more complex In Bardo. 

In Bardo revved the hype engine with a clear developmental jump forward. Higher production value, broader soundscapes, and more advanced songwriting showed not only the band’s growth, but also their potential. Yet, they managed to do this without abandoning their sound or fan base. While the poppy synth-rock tracks of In Bardo, like “We Can’t Ever Die” and “Can’t Stop Now” stand out as the high notes, the darker, stranger tracks like “Nobody Cares” and “Chill Winston” illustrate a level of thought that goes beyond pop success.

But, as for now, that’s all you’re going to get from White Arrows. Their website lists no upcoming shows, and there does not seem to be any particular buzz about any upcoming recordings. In February 2015, the band released White Arrows On Audiotree Live. Recorded live in-studio at Audiotree in Chicago, this six song release entirely features tracks off of In Bardo. This shows that White Arrows is a real band, capable of performing their songs live, not just playing them, but it does not give us any clue towards what White Arrows is up to next. That info seems pretty hard to come by:

Screen shot 2015-08-05 at 8.34.38 PM

The band’s response:

Screen shot 2015-08-05 at 8.36.38 PM


A classic deflection if I’ve ever seen one. I guess Max will have to wait with the rest of us.