For me, exceptional vocalists tend to fall into two categories: I either try my best to match pitch and cadence precisely (much to the chagrin of anyone in my soundwave circumference), or I’m so overwhelmed by the power that I just shut up and listen. White Hinterland’s Casey Dienel falls into the latter category. Her voice can be booming when she needs it to be, but she can also deliver a beautiful fluttering falsetto. And at the end of Baby, the stand-out titular track from their 2014 release, she peels back all the layers initially built up to reveal a shrill voice repeating the hook, “is this my weakness,” that exposes a vulnerable side to her.

Dienel’s voice is incredible, but White Hinterland is far from being one-dimensional in sound. With help from Shawn Creeden, the two create an identity that, on paper, wouldn’t fit when considering the dynamic voice Dienel possesses. But it’s hard to deny the formula’s success when listening to a song like “No Devotion,” intertwining a sludged out guitar over multiple layerings of Dienel’s backing falsettos perfectly. They don’t take the easy way out by leaning on Dienel. There isn’t a song on Baby with instrumentals that cower at the sight of her powerful vocals, which is a great testament to the overall vision of White Hinterland and what they want their sound to be.

Checkout their Chill and Natural below, just released a month ago!