Dua Lipa is an Albanian-British model and dark-pop princess who is set to release her debut album early this year. While the mere 20 year old musician is still an industry baby, she possesses an exoticness that is mysteriously appealing to our diluted and mediocre American culture. It’s a pop sensibility mixed with the edginess of rebellious youth, and the confidence of a runway model. So who is Dua Lipa? And why is she so interesting?

As the story goes, Dua Lipa is the London born child of two Albanian immigrants, presumably escaping the traumatic events of the early 90’s civil war in the region. Surely this cultural heritage fuels some aspect of her artistic expression. The family returned to Kosovo in 2008 as the small eastern European country claimed it’s independence. However, two years later, at the age of 15, Dua Lipa returned to London, staying with friends to pursue her interests in music. She became a model at 16, an opportunity that not many young women are awarded in life. Perhaps it was a stroke of destiny.

These are the elements that make the otherwise generic sounding pop so interesting. There’s a fire in this artist that exceeds even the talent of her very professional production and songwriting team. She is a natural, a former theatre student and daughter of a rock n’ roll musician.

Dua Lipa recently released a handful of singles along with videos and has set out on tour in anticipation of the forthcoming debut album. Definitely look out for this rising star, and for you Americans out there – break out of your mold, expand your musical horizons and embrace the message of this aesthetically mature young artist. She could be the next Lana.