The Case

Modern music is going all sorts of ways, from pop crazes to mind blowing electric drops, it can sound a lot like garbage while the music as we once loved and appreciated might seem to be dying off. But I offer you this comparison between Mozart and Skrillex to illustrate how music is not going down the drain but is instead doing more than it ever has.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a young master of music born in 1856, and Sonny John Moore (Skrillex), an edgy electronic king, are two of the greatest artists of their time. Even though 150 years and an unmeasurable amount of musical evolution separate these two men, they aren’t that different. Youthful attitudes, intense passions and powerful ambitions fueled these two for years. I am no expert in the history of Wolfgang Mozart or an ultra Skrillex zealot, but I’m sure they would be tight knit friends, and I’m going to give you three reasons why.

Young At Heart: Age Is In The Mindbaby+m

Mozart was pretty much the life of the party wherever he went. With strong talent and a passion for showing that talent, I am sure when he went out that he was the center of attention. He played for royalty, was commissioned to make various pieces for people of high status and did all this before he was 25. He died December of 1791, but in his 36 years on this green planet he wrote over 600 works. That’s roughly 16 works a year, that pretty crazy. Even Paul McCartney has only written/recorded 600 or 700 songs in his lifetime, which is more than twice as long as Mozart’s career. He also had an array of different pets, enjoyed dancing and wrote a few comedic pieces with his friends. To say Mozart had a youthful spirit is an understatement. His young spirit came through his music, it’s ability to be so light and joyous or dark and brooding is one of a kind.

Moore (Skrillex) may not have been playing for royalty at age 5, but he sure was quite the music fiend. He said in an interview with Katie Couric, ”I was that kid banging on pots and pans, making music anyway I could…I remember having these toy harmonicas that I would play all the time, just whatever I could get my hands on.” He has been exposed to the music since he was a toddler, wanting to play and create his own music. He also talked about how his music is stuff he would want for his 16 year old self, something loud, intense and fun. His music is made for the youth in all of us, not an age group, but an age of the soul.

WolfiMoz1756: Kind Sir Sonny, what plans hast thou tonight?

Skrillex88: Show’s @ 9:30, want to turn some tables?

WolfiMoz1756: Yes! I first must perform in Central Park at 7, soon after I’ll be there.

Dedicated To The Art: Soul Is A Part Of Art

The best way to describe Mozart’s love and devotion to music is by watching the movie or play Amadeus. It may be fictitious in a lot of ways, but from everything else I’ve read, his passion for music is just as obsessive as in the movie. He had been writing music since he was a child, his first work finished and transcribed by his father around age 5. He would spend all his time with music, going to shows, working with other composers and constantly imagining new and innovative pieces. But in his last years of declining health and some sign of depression, he still created some of his most notable works, The Magical Flute, Piano Concerto No. 27 and Ave verum corpus. This man literally wrote music till he died.

Skrillex-Jumping-Poster-Square.0.0With all that Mozart has dedicated to making music, Moore, might still have him beat. He played about 320 shows in 2011, just about one show a day. Seriously intense, that is hours of setup, playing and break down every day. This also doesn’t include how many hours he spent traveling, honestly I don’t know how he did it. From 2008 until now he has easily made/remixed and helped produce in over 100 songs, all that mixing and making while doing shows like a mad man all over the world. Moore has also gotten a lot of hate on him music and dubstep in general for it being curated inside a laptop and not really music but noise with a drum beat. But he just takes criticism and laughs it off humbly and continues to play for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE A YEAR. He is dedicated to playing and creating music that brings people together to have a great time.

WolfiMoz1756: I’m here. Where be thee? The venue looks magnificent.

Skrillex88: yea it is. Brought some tunes to drop?

WolfiMoz1756: You bet I did, thou are ready to party till daybreak?

Skrillex88: 3 times this week, still going strong. I’ll pass the table to you for a bit and sit back to watch the master at work.

WolfieMoz1756: We will see if they can fathom the newest of new music.

Skrillex88: sounds legit

No Risk, No Reward: One Must Sacrifice to Gain Greatly

The young Mozart was not a modest man, he knew the worth of his pieces and had no problem writing and presenting what was exactly in his mind. He wrote for various different people, different genres, operas for royalty, requiems and comedic piece for his friends in small venues. Mozart would create music that he wanted to and would play where he wanted; an apartment building, etc. After a performance of Mozart’s, the Emperor Joseph II of Austria said it was, “too beautiful for our ears, my dear Mozart, and monstrous many notes.” The Emperor and most likely some of his associates thought there were just too many notes in the song, and Mozart simply replied, “[there are] (e)xactly as many as are necessary, Your Majesty.”

Sonny is exactly the same. He is strong in his music and will produce what he wants, what he likes and what he wants others to hear. Dubstep was brand new and the dance scene was growing world wide, but it wasn’t a big competitor compared to other genres five years ago. Putting himself out their and creating music with screams, high pitched electro voices and sounds that you couldn’t imagine, he really set himself up for either success or failure, and that risk is what separates him from other artists. Sonny was one of the first mainstream (if not the first) dubstep artist to bring that style to the masses. His music has been criticized on many levels by journalists and artists, and yet he still produces hard hitting drops and speaker busting sounds. He was even brought onto Transformers 4 for sound design for the impressive and unique sounds that he could create. Sonny rocks his own hair cut, style and music, willing to go out on a limb to climb to the top while never succumbing to the modern music troupe or fads.

Skrillex88: Made it home? I’m dead beat

WolfiMoz1756: I did and I am exhausted. I do believe they enjoyed our collaboration, they went mad near the end.

Skrillex88: i know right! that new stuff you had was crazy. Crowd freaked out, all or nothing right?

WolfiMoz1756: Always till the end my good sir.


The Verdict

In reality, any musician who introduces new sounds and styles are loved by some and hated by others. Mozart became one of the most influential composers of all time and Skrillex has helped pave the way for dubstep, these being their greatest achievements. People are taking the best of both worlds and creating new and beautiful songs, heck, even Hans Zimmer (Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Lion King Soundtracks) used dubstep in certain songs for The Amazing Spider Man 2. Rock bands are grabbing sythns, rap artists are using orchestras and everything in between is being created now. Mozart’s songs are remixed all over the internet and Skrillex has helped produce some sick new music for K-Pop band, 4-Minute. Music is a giant melting pot of all genres. I have no doubt that if Sonny was in Mozart’s time, he would spend night after night pouring over scores and symphonies to play for the biggest crowds possible. And if Mozart was here with us, he would be combining all sorts of genres and exploring every avenue of music possible. The greatest artists and songs need to brave the unknown and create with no limitations, that is where Mozart went, Skrillex is going and what the greats of the future will do. I rest my case. Music knows no time constraints. It will continue to expand, defy normalities and be better as time goes on.