You don’t need GIPHY CAM.

Memes are everywhere. In pictures, gif and video form, they are like a comedic plague taking the internet over. Companies even hold contests for an audience to generate the best memes that would market their company and its products best. But in reality, we mostly use memes for comments and random funny posts and nothing else.

GIPHY CAM is the thing to help you make your own gif memes. I love me some gifs, watching an endless “facepalm” or person falling down an escalator is the whip cream on my internet ice-cream sunday. This app is actually really easy to make gifs and upload it to certain things like Facebook messenger and Instagram, but as for using it in a comment, it’ll be a little more work.

As for the App’s features, it does have a pretty good variety, the only problem is that I would never see any reason to use 90% of them unless I’m undergoing severe boredom. Also, most gifs found online are longer videos with a specific perfect moment captured and cut to make a point, and so it is harder to use on a more practical basis of a point and shoot gif maker. The effects are unfortunately very specific, with a number of things from the Angry Birds Movie and Keanu (comedic cat movie) which are fun, but very specific and become more annoying than entertaining. Lastly, you can’t take other videos you’ve made earlier and cut them up into gifs on the app, which is very limiting.

The verdict? GIPHY CAM is fun and silly, but doesn’t really deserve the storage space on your phone when Snapchat and your normal camera features can so much already. If you’re really bored, you can have fun with it, but I wouldn’t even bother and just check out the newest Snapchat filters.