The tech field is famous for being a boys club, so much that it has become a kind of joke in the modern media. Popular television shows like The Big Bang Theory and Silicon Valley have mirrored this female under-representation in the tech field. While there is evidence that shows that women are indeed getting more jobs in STEM fields, it is still far from breaking even.

CUNY is partnering up with Cornell Tech in order to bring forth this fantastically new opportunity for young women interested in tech fields. The Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in NY Initiative aims to increase the number of women working in tech by helping out young undergraduates in tech related majors.

According to Cornell Tech, “the percentage of women who graduate with degrees in technology-related disciplines is less than 1%. In fact, as the tech job market booms, the percentage of computer science degrees awarded to women has declined by 19% over the past 30 years.” These numbers are ridiculously low. With the help of the initiative, incentives that are being brought forth by sponsors such as Citi, IBM, Xerox and others, the young women in this program will hopefully have a much greater chance at thriving in a male dominated field.

WiTENY, as the program is so cleverly acronym-ed, has given these students an incredibly open and accepting environment; a description which might be unheard of when talking about the tech community. With innovative courses, scholarships and fellowships, and high paying internships this program hopes to bring some diversity into a field that desperately needs it.