X Ambassadors Lead The Way

x ambass

Hailing from Ithaca, New York, alternative rock band X Ambassadors are on the verge of chart-topping world domination.

With the summer release of their debut album VHS, the band’s second single, “Renegades” peaked at number one on the Billboard Alternative chart and secured a partnership with Jeep’s Renegade campaign with a pretty sick video.

Brothers Sam and Casey Harris founded the band with childhood friend Noah Feldshuh and Sam’s classmate Adam Levin, whom he met while attending the New School in New York City. They released their debut EP under the name “Ambassadors,” but later switched to X Ambassadors after being discovered by fellow alt-rock band Imagine Dragons. They later released two more EPs and toured with Imagine Dragons, Jimmy Eat World and The Mowglis.

X Ambassadors’ sound has been compared to a broad range of artists from Tom Waits to Nick Jonas, the latter glaringly noticeable in “Gorgeous.” Still, they manage to create a sound that’s their own on tracks like “B.I.G.” and “Hang On.”

This past July, “Renegades” was nominated for Best Rock Song at the Teen Choice Awards but lost to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church.” With the Grammys right around the corner, X Ambassadors could be seeing a nomination in their future.

Currently touring Europe and North America, be sure to check them out when they come through your town!