A new single has come to us from the dreamy, surf-pop minds of the (ironically named) Surf Rock Is Dead. While it seems that every band off the L train is considering themselves either “shoegaze” or “surf rock”, Surf Rock Is Dead are a true surf rock group, if you’re into that kind of thing. They sound kinda like Beach Fossils, kinda like The Drums, and are better than both.


Their new single “Never Be The Same” delivers that same melodic satisfaction, without skimping on lyrical content or composition. Their characteristic “far away sounding” guitar lines are perfectly grounded by the bouncy and upbeat drum patterns. What is particularly impressive about the song is its evolution from start to finish; the bridge develops beautifully out of the buoyant chorus and all the while you never lose track of the infectious bass drum. This group has a sound that instantly inspires you to see them live. SRiD will be playing at the Atypical Beasts & Audiofemme CMJ showcase on 10/16 at The Delancey! You better be there!

Written by Alessandra Licul