To cultivate and produce, brilliant musical talent.



They say it takes a village to raise a band and it's true. Managing an artist or band's career means that you must eat, sleep and breathe it. At Atypical Beasts Agency, we take the careers of our artists very seriously. We are more than a management team; we are a family and guide our artists as such.


Atypical Beasts Agency is the home to three professional audio engineers and mastering engineers. We don't just outsource our artists' recordings, we play a heavy hand in directing the process of their recordings and the creative process.


Our team has an extensive history in placing our artists' music in television shows, independent films and commercials. We work very closely with three major publishing companies to ensure that our artists are placed in the right spots as well as ensuring that their artistic expression is not compromised.


At Atypical Beasts Agency, our mantra is: "think of your band as a brand". While most artists struggle with the concept, it's a cold reality. To take your band to the next level you have to think of yourself as a brand. Every show, every shoot, every video, every move our artists make is carefully orchestrated to ensure our bands are being branded.

Tour Booking

500 shows and 20 festivals later, Atypical Beasts Agency puts their money where their mouth is. We earned our right to be called Tour Bookers. We work incredibly hard at our artists' tours, and it's the small details that keep us awake at night at this agency.

Event Curation

At Atypical Beasts Agency we pride ourselves in our curated events. Whether it's CMJ, SXSW or through our stronghold in the North and South East. If Atypical Beasts is behind the event, you can be assured that it's going to rock and leave you wanting more.